Saniflex Hygiene and Sanitation Solutions
Why use Hand Sanitisers and Antibacterial Wipes and Surface Sprays?

“World Health Organisation recommends to regularly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser OR wash with soap and water. When soap and water is not accessible, hand sanitiser must be used.”

How often should I use Saniflex Hand Sanitiser?

Hand sanitizer should be used when entering and exiting public spaces, before and after eating or going to the toilet.

How much Saniflex Hand Sanitiser should I use on each application?

Apply enough Saniflex hand sanitiser to thoroughly cover your hands and rub well over the surface of your hands until dry.

What Sanitiser should I use in the Saniflex Hand Sanitiser Dispenser?

Saniflex 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel.

My Saniflex Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is not working, what should I do?

Firstly check the batteries, we suggest using Duracell, and ensure they are installed correctly and the unit is turned on. If you are dispensing gel you should remove the silver nozzle. If you are dispensing liquid attach the silver nozzle. For further troubleshooting email with pics/vid to info@saniflex.com.au

Where should I use Saniflex Surface Spray?

Saniflex Surface spray is recommended for use in Office Spaces, Fitness Centers, Schools, Childcare Centers, Medical Centers, Retail Shops, Restaurants.

On what surfaces can I use Saniflex Surface Spray?

Clean and disinfect objects you use often such as mobile phones, keys, wallets and work passes. Clean and disinfect surfaces you use often such as bench-tops, desks and doorknobs. In the gym it’s great for upholstery, handles, touch screens, consoles. Also recommended in wet areas and Food Prep areas.

How effective are Saniflex Surface Wipes?

Saniflex wipes have all been tested to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria and germs within 2 minutes.

On what surfaces should Saniflex All Purpose Wipes be used?

To clean and disinfect surfaces you use often such as benchtops, desks and doorknobs. In the gym it’s great for upholstery, handles, touch screens, consoles. Also recommended in Wet Areas and Food Prep areas.

Can surface wipes be used on hands, face and body?

Surface wipes and sanitisers are not recommended for personal hygiene. Check out our hand sanitiser / wipes range for use on your hand and face.

Are Alcohol based hand sanitisers/wipes/surface sprays considered dangerous goods?

Yes, due to the alcohol being a flammable liquid they are considered hazardous materials. SDS for each product is available here: Hand Sanitiser, Alcohol Wipes (50 & 120 packs), Alcohol Wipes (820 & 1250 packs), Alcohol Wet Wipes, All Purpose Wipes, Alcohol Spray, All Purpose Spray (Lemon)

What standard are Saniflex Disposable Masks?

Saniflex Disposable Masks are Class 1 Level 3 Surgical Masks.

How often should I change my face mask?

Disposable masks are designed for single use and must be changed as soon as they become damp.

Do you provide technical support?

Our dedicated team is here to assist you with all your technical issues. Please call us on 03 9532 7065 / Email info@saniflex.com.au

Can you deliver interstate? And what are your delivery times?

Saniflex provides next day delivery services in VIC, NSW and SA. For other states delivery time varies from 3-5 business days.